Dee Snider Defends Himself Against The ‘Cancelation’ Attempts

Melisa Karakas

Dee Snider recently slammed a tweet suggesting he was ‘terrified into silence’ by ‘cancelation’ attempts on September 2.

A user recently tweeted how names such as Alice Cooper, Paul Stanley, and Snider had been ‘silenced’ due to their anti-gender affirmation comments.

Upon seeing the statement, the Twisted Sister frontman responded with a tweet of his own, stating whether he was ‘terrified into silence:’

“Excuse me? Terrified into silence? Selective listening much. Go to my Facebook page and check out how terrified I was. My response got international coverage. They couldn’t cancel me in the 80s, and you can’t cancel me today. And you can’t make sh*t up as you wish.”

Snider had received backlash on a previous note after supporting Paul Stanley’s controversial stance against gender affirmation care. However, although the KISS frontman apologized for his comments later on, the Twisted Sister frontman stated he’d stand by his words.

On the other hand, Alice Cooper also was dropped by his cosmetics collaborator, Vampyre, upon taking an anti-trans stance in a recent interview. A short while after that, the rocker also announced that he wouldn’t be continuing his longtime radio show.

You can check out Dee’s tweet below.

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