Dee Snider Doesn’t Think Alice In Chains And Soundgarden Were Grunge Bands

Serra Ozturk

Dee Snider answered a few questions from his fans on Twitter. Snider revealed several bands that he thought did not fit the genres assigned to them, including Alice In Chains and Soundgarden. The singer explained:

“I didn’t think Alice In Chains and Soundgarden were grunge. I didn’t think the Sex Pistols were punk. I know Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and AC/DC hated being called heavy metal.”

This conversation about genres and different forms of music came about when a fan asked Dee if he minded the term ‘Hair Metal,’ the rocker replied:

“I’m the OG Hair Farmer, so no. What does bother me is that all of the ‘designations’ were given by critics as a way to trivialize different forms of music. Heavy Metal, Grunge, Punk, Hair Metal, Jazz, Nu Metal – None of the artists that started these music forms liked the names.”

Snider doesn’t think Alice In Chains and Soundgarden are grunge bands, however when another fan commented on Led Zeppelin not being a heavy metal band, the rocker wrote:

“They (and Black Sabbath) are the fathers of what became known as heavy metal.”

Even though Dee shared in his previous tweet that he was not a fan of bands’ being labeled, he was insistent on explaining to a fan who wasn’t convinced Led Zeppelin was in the same category as Black Sabbath. The singer continued:

“Listen and learn. I am an original headbanger. First album Blue Cheer, first album Mountain, first album Grand Funk, first album Led Zeppelin, and first album Black Sabbath…When they were released. These were hard rock bands. Led Zeppelin & Sabbath were labeled metal. I was there (I’m old).”

You can read Dee Snider’s tweets below.

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