Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore On Having Trouble To Talk About Andy Fletcher

Serra Ozturk

Depeche Mode recently sat down with CBS Sunday Morning and talked about their latest album ‘Memento Mori.’ During the interview, Martin Gore had trouble talking about his late bandmate Andy Fletcher. He expressed:

“I didn’t realize that maybe before we went into this promo trip that how heavy that would be to be asked about that over and over again.”

Martin had shared during a press conference in Berlin last fall that Fletcher was a part of the album naming process before he passed away. The musician even mentioned how they decided to interpret the meaning of the album by explaining:

“One important thing is that all the songs and even the album title were decided before Andy passed. The album title is ‘Memento Mori,’ which you know means remember you will die, you must die, and it sounds very morbid, but you can look at it positively as well. Live each day to the max. I think that is how we like to interpret it too.”

Even though they try to look at the meaning of the album in a different light, Gore revealed to CBS that the name wasn’t intentional and it just fell into place. He recalled:

“When I first started writing songs for this album, I wouldn’t have had the idea of calling the album ‘Memento Mori’ and maybe have some of the songs dealing with death. It just kind of happened like that. Sometimes you wonder if you tap into something.”

You can watch Depeche Mode’s interview with CBS Sunday Morning and listen to ‘Memento Mori’ below.

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