Devin Townsend Criticizes Rockers Making Music For Money

Elifnaz Yuksel

Singer Devin Townsend spoke to the new episode of The Rock Metal Podcast and talked about musicians’ authenticity versus their financial concerns.

Devin explained the notions important to him regarding the music-making process:

“I feel that the thing that is most important to me about the output that I have is that it’s authentic to the frame of mind that I was in when it was being written. And so essentially just trying to document those moments in your life. And if you do it accurately, then I think people tend to resonate with that because there’s not a lot — really — of human emotions; you’ve got about 12 [laughs], and then nuanced versions of each. But it’s all pretty simple.”

He continued by explaining his main goal while writing a song, the principles he follows, and gaining lastingness as a result. Devin also criticises that some parts of the industry undermine the audience and release tracks that are more involved in monetary concerns:

“So if I do it in a way that is important to me, first and foremost, the chances of other people being able to relate to it are reasonably high. So my objective has always been to keep tabs on myself so that when I am writing, I’m able to call myself out, to the extent that I’m able, on my B.S.s as I’m writing it. And the result of that, I think, is longevity, because there is maybe a certain of the industry that still feels like the audience is stupid, in a way, that all you need to do is pull one over on them and then you can sell records. And maybe certain genres are like that — maybe there are.”

Townsend continues criticising the artists without naming anyone:

“I wouldn’t dare to make assumptions about which ones are. But the one that I’m involved in, at least, any time I do anything that is kind of veering towards that, they’re, like, ‘Yeah, you’re full of shit. We know.’ So I’ve gotta be careful. And that authenticity that gets imposed on the material, I think, is what has created a long career for me, and I’m super grateful for it.”

You can listen to the full episode below.

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