Did Kate Moss Finally End Feud With Sienna Miller

Elif Ozden

The stormy relationship between supermodel Kate Moss and actress Sienna Miller has been a topic of interest for many years in the entertainment industry. The long-standing feud, characterized by accusations of style theft and lifestyle imitation, appeared to dissolve in recent years. However, the question lingers — has the animosity truly ended?

Beginnings of the Bad Blood Between Kate and Sienna


The disagreement between the two British celebrities first came into the spotlight in 2007 when they reportedly had a heated argument at a friend’s wedding reception. Moss was understood to be upset with Miller’s growing closeness to her Welsh actor friend, Rhys Ifans.

The tension between the pair was visible, with both women allegedly exchanging stern glances across the dance floor. As the evening progressed, the disagreement escalated, with Moss accusing Miller of copying her style and trying to steal her friends. As a source told The Sun, this is what happened that day:

“Kate accused Sienna of stealing her style. She was ranting on about how Sienna was trying to steal her lifestyle and her friends too. It was really cutting and everyone was listening to them. A few drinks had been sunk by the time Kate said it and Sienna plucked up some courage too. She gave Kate as good as she got. Sienna was in the mood for carrying on the fight but Rhys persuaded her to call it a night.”

The situation reached a boiling point until Sadie Frost, Moss’s best friend and the ex-wife of Jude Law (Miller’s then-boyfriend), intervened.


Back in 2004, Moss’s discontent with Miller’s imitation of her bohemian style was already noticeable. As per OhNoTheyDidn’t, Miller’s relationship with Jude Law, Moss’s close friend’s ex-husband, had already strained their relationship. This tension was not helped by the fact that Moss had to remove Law from his position as the godfather to her daughter, Lila Grace.

However, in 2008, the two women seemed to bury the hatchet. They were seen arriving together at a charity auction, a clear indication of reconciliation. They shared the limelight and even donated dresses to the cause, painting a picture of unity and friendship.

But the peace was short-lived. By 2010, the disagreement was rekindled. Moss went as far as to ban Miller from attending her Easter party, citing loyalty to Rhys Ifans. This unearthed the lingering tension between the two, despite their brief reconciliation.

Did Kate and Sienna Bury the Hatchet?


In 2014, the tides began to shift in Moss and Miller’s feud, courtesy of the Topshop boss, Sir Philip Green. Green, well aware of the style clout both women had, made a move that would change their relationship trajectory. The occasion was the Oxford Street launch of Moss’s retro, Boho-inspired collection for Topshop.

As reported by DailyMail, Green initiated the reconciliation by inviting both women to dinner at the Connaught, a luxury hotel and restaurant in Mayfair, London. He suggested to Moss that Miller, with her well-known Boho style, would be an excellent choice to attend the launch donning an ensemble from the collection. Despite their past disagreements, Moss agreed.

Their reunion at the Topshop event proved successful and marked a turning point in their relationship. Moss and Miller had buried their differences and even shared a symbolic kiss, signaling an end to their long-standing feud.


Fast-forward to Paris Fashion Week in 2017, both women, once again, made headlines. They were spotted at the Christian Dior Autumn/Winter show, displaying a level of camaraderie that was unheard of in their previous encounters. They were seated next to each other, chatting and sharing smiles, all while taking in the newest collection from the iconic fashion house.

By the time of the 2023 Prince’s Trust Gala in New York, any residue of their former feud was undetectable. While they were photographed with other guests, the two former rivals moved into the same social circles.

Considering these developments, it appears that Moss and Miller have not only managed to end their feud but also transform it into a friendship. The once infamous feud appears to have dissolved, replaced instead by newfound respect and understanding.

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