Did Kid Rock Lose His Fortune After Starting A War Against Bud Light, See His Net Worth In 2023

Elif Ozden

Kid Rock is known for not just his musicianship but also his controversial actions and statements. One such instance includes his recent clash with Bud Light, a brand of Anheuser-Busch, over their partnership with trans actor and activist Dylan Mulvaney.

Details of the Bud Light Controversy


Earlier this year, Mulvaney, known for her viral ‘Days of Girlhood‘ TikTok series, received a custom Bud Light can bearing her face. This personalized beer can marked one full year since the start of her transition journey. However, it wasn’t widely publicized, mainly appearing on Mulvaney’s Instagram stories.

This subtle promotion stirred a considerable reaction among right-wing circles, leading to an unexpected uproar led by names like Kid Rock. The musician filmed himself expressing his displeasure before shooting at Bud Light cases with an assault rifle, a move that signaled the start of his personal war against the beer brand.

He then hinted at a potential boycott, saying:

“F*ck Bud Light, and f*ck Anheuser-Busch.”

Kid Rock’s actions sparked a wave of similar protests, with other public figures such as Travis Tritt and Sebastian Gorka following suit.

Such behavior raises questions about Rock’s financial standing. So, how does the musician’s net worth look amidst this storm of controversy?

Kid Rock’s Net Worth Now


As of 2023, Kid Rock’s net worth is estimated to be around $200 million, with another source valuing it slightly lower at $150 million. These figures can be traced back to his successful music career, which has helped him amass an annual income exceeding $34 million from various music platforms alone. Having produced most of his music, he has also paid millions of dollars in personal income tax.

Rock’s portfolio extends beyond his music royalties. He inherited a portion of his father’s wealth after his passing. Moreover, his diverse assets include 13 real estate properties, 6 cars, and 4 luxury yachts. He also possesses a significant investment portfolio, including stocks from giants like AT&T, FedEx, Microsoft, PepsiCo, and Qualcomm.

Despite being in the spotlight for his actions against Bud Light, Kid Rock’s financial empire seems to stand robust. The musician’s broad range of properties includes a luxury mansion that cost $20 million and an extensive car collection, including a Lamborghini Aventador and a Bugatti Veyron.

So, Rock’s war against Bud Light appears to have had little impact on his vast fortune.

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