Doja Cat Changes ‘Scarlet’ Cover After Backlash From Metal Fans

Elifnaz Yuksel

On August 29, Doja Cat posted on her IG the cover and the release date for her new album ‘Scarlet.’ Initially, the cover’s artwork shows a ‘pinkish arachnid with a little drop of blood and no title.‘ It is later pointed out by the fans of  German metal band Chaver that they previously announced their new album ‘Of Gloom’ with the very same artwork. Pop Crave tweeted that both of the artworks are made by the same artist, and the coincidence most likely happened because of him:

“The cover for Doja Cat’s upcoming album ‘Scarlet’ appears to use a slightly altered version of artwork used by metal band, Chaver. Both covers were made by artist Dusty Ray, who reposted Doja’s announcement on Tuesday.”

Doja Cat removed the original post, and instead shared an ‘updated’ version of her album cover, showing ‘two spiders —neither of which is scarlet — with pearls embedded in their backs.

It is also revealed that both ‘Of Gloom’ and ‘Scarlet’ will be out on the same day, September 22.

You can find Doja Cat’s IG post here, and Pop Crave’s tweet below.

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