Ella Gruffudd, Alice Evans’ Daughter, Files For A Restraining Order From Ioan Gruffudd

Elif Ozden

Ella Gruffud, the 13-year-old daughter of Alice Evans and Ioan Gruffudd, has filed for a temporary restraining order against her father at the Los Angeles Superior Court on May 31. Ella has also requested a restraining order and civil harassment protection against her father’s girlfriend, Bianca Wallace.

This restraining order request follows an incident at Ioan Gruffudd and Bianca Wallace’s home in Los Angeles, where Ella and her younger sister Elsie were visiting the couple. As reported by People, a source close to the family said:

“I wouldn’t put the blame on Alice. Ioan wants to have Ella be friends with Bianca, and she’s unwilling to do that at the moment. I think that’s been a source of conflict.”

Alice and Ioan met on the set of ‘102 Dalmatians’ in 2000 and got married in 2007. The couple announced their separation in January 2021, and Ioan Gruffudd filed for divorce in March 2021. Gruffudd is currently in a relationship with actress Bianca Wallace, whom he met in Australia while shooting the series ‘Harrow.’

In February 2022, Gruffudd petitioned for a domestic violence restraining order against Evans, requesting that she stay 100 yards away from him and Bianca Wallace. In the petition, he claimed:

“Alice told me verbally multiple times that she would do to me what Amber Heard did to Johnny Depp. Alice threatened to tell people I had abused her and our daughters; she threatened to call the police on me if I did not comply with her demands; she threatened to tell people I am a drug addict and put me in prison; she threatened to write a fake diary that reflected an abused victim, and to have the diary published; and she threatened to destroy my mother.”

Ioan has a restraining order against Alice, barring her from mentioning him on social media for three years. In March, charges against Alice Evans for violating her restraining order were dropped.

The hearing for Ella’s restraining order application is scheduled for June 23.

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