Eric Clapton’s Attempt To Finance Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Campaign Gets Rejected

Bihter Sevinc

As recently reported by Business Insider, Eric Clapton’s efforts to fund Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s 2024 presidential campaign faced rejection by the Federal Election Commission.

The guitarist reportedly attempted to donate $5,000 to the presidential candidate’s campaign. However, two issues caused his wish to be disapproved. Firstly, Clapton exceeded the legal contribution limit, which stands at $3,300 for individuals.

Secondly, he provided an address in England, which is not allowed as federal campaign finance regulations prohibit donations from foreign nationals. Consequently, Kennedy’s campaign had to refund the donation to the Federal Election Commission.

Considering their shared skeptical views on vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic, it shouldn’t come as a surprise why Clapton decided to support Kennedy. As you are probably aware, the guitarist was vocal about his opposition to vaccines and lockdown measures.

After experiencing health issues following his AstraZeneca vaccination, he expressed the opinion that vaccination should not be mandatory. Moreover, the musician took a stance against performing at venues that implemented vaccination proof requirements.

RFK Jr. also held an anti-vaccine stance during the pandemic by comparing vaccine mandates to the persecution faced during World War II under the Nazis. After receiving backlash, he eventually issued a partial apology for his statement.

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