Erik Grönwall On Canceling Skid Row Tours, ‘My Voice Was Tired’

Deniz Kivilcim

Skid Row singer Erik Grönwall has recently released a video after the band’s news of canceling the upcoming shows due to the singer falling ill. Grönwall, in his blog-like video, explains the band’s decision to cancel both Japanese and Australian tours and apologizes to the fans. As transcribed by Blabbermouth, he says:

“Last night in Sydney, I was so determined to just make this work and to do the shows, all the three shows we had left. We had to cancel the first show in Australia because I wasn’t really feeling well. And I felt pretty good warming up. I knew the voice was tired, I knew my body was tired, but come show, we opened with ‘Slave To The Grind’. We [did] the first song. And after the first song, I just realized, ‘Shit. This is not going to work. My body is just telling me to, ‘Hey, you need to stop. Pull the brakes.’”

He brings up his life-saving bone marrow surgery and continues:

“It’s so easy for me to forget that it’s not even two years ago that I did a bone marrow transplant. Since I’m feeling great, I’m out there, I’m having a great time, it’s so easy to forget that my body will always be a bit affected by the bone marrow transplant. My immune system is new. […] But I think the flu-related symptoms are a result of my body being tired from all the traveling between different time zones.

What I wanna say is my apologies to the Australian fans and Japanese fans. I am very, very sorry. I tried my best, but this time I just have to be honest with myself and take care of my health first.”

Per, Skid Row’s May 17 cancellation occurred as fans were already waiting in line. The band’s statement specified:

“[…] This morning Erik woke up feeling sick and by sound check he was losing his voice and was feeling the effects of a full-blown flu. […]”

As Blabbermouth reported, their Australian tour was originally going to happen back in December of 2022 but had to be postponed due to guitarist Dave Sabo having neck surgery. The possibility of the tours happening soon is uncertain.

You can watch the full video blog down below.

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