Everything To Know About Cortni Vaughn Joyner, Hollywood’s Rising Star

Elif Ozden

In Hollywood’s ever-evolving landscape, Cortni Vaughn Joyner is one of the newcomers. Although relatively fresh on the Hollywood scene, Joyner has already begun to leave an impression on audiences. This article unravels the journey, passions, and ambitions of this rising star.

Who is Cortni Vaughn Joyner?


Born on June 5, 1985, in Harris, Texas, Cortni Vaughn Joyner is originally from Boston, a fact she carries with immense pride. Her love for New England roots is deeply etched in her personality. After high school, Joyner relocated to Georgia, where she attended The University of Georgia, and then moved to Los Angeles, which she now calls home.

Before her journey in the world of acting, Joyner’s life was dominated by a different field altogether — athletics. She spent a significant part of her life devoted to soccer, a sport she was deeply passionate about. She played for the soccer team at The University of Georgia and the Atlanta Silverbacks professionally.

Her entry into the entertainment industry was a significant shift from her previous athletic pursuits. Despite her relatively short career, Joyner has already landed roles in noteworthy shows, including CW’s ‘In the Dark’ and ‘Mayans M.C.’ According to her IMDb page, Joyner currently has just three on-screen credits.

The path to stardom is seldom smooth, and Joyner’s journey has been no exception. From changing career paths to tackling countless rejections, she has embraced every challenge with resilience, proving that every ‘no’ can pave the way to the right ‘yes’:

“Now, I’m back at the beginning of a career, and let me tell you … I have NEVER in my life heard the word ‘no’ so many times. This business can be crushing if you let it. You get no’s multiple times a week. It’s easy to feel beat up or like you don’t belong. The constant struggle now is believing that every ‘no’ is making room for the right ‘yes.'”

Joyner’s Personal Life


Outside her professional life, Joyner has a deep appreciation for fashion and uses clothing to express her personality. She is also a dedicated pet parent, finding joy in spending time with her cat and dog. Adding to her exciting lifestyle, Joyner is a motorcycle enthusiast, enjoying the thrill of exploration and an occasional adrenaline rush.

As per VoyageLa, she had initially ventured into law school, learning about contracts and negotiation. Initially, Joyner envisioned a future as an agent, but she soon realized that an office job was not her calling. This led to her detour towards fitness and Crossfit coaching before finally discovering her true passion in acting.

Even though her athletic days are behind her, Joyner maintains an active lifestyle. Exercise remains a significant part of her routine, with a preference for soccer and lifting. Despite her growing fame, Joyner chooses to maintain her privacy, allowing her work to take center stage.

Cortni Joyner also has a twin brother, Victor, who works in the field of education. While Victor continues to reside in Boston, the pair share a close bond.

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