Everything To Know About Emily Hampshire’s Career After Schitt’s Creek

Elif Ozden

‘Schitt’s Creek’ came to an end in 2020, but what happened to Emily Hampshire of the show after the curtains closed? From television series to roles in movies and even the world of podcasting, Hampshire has kept busy in the entertainment industry. Here’s a rundown of her post-‘Schitt’s Creek’ career trajectory.

Emily’s Television Roles


Before her stint as Stevie Budd, Hampshire was already in the TV world with her role as Jennifer Goines in the Syfy series ‘12 Monkeys.‘ She joined the show in 2014 and became a regular by its second season in 2015.

After ‘Schitt’s Creek,’ Hampshire took on lead roles in ‘Chapelwaite‘ in 2021 and ‘The Rig‘ in 2022. ‘Chapelwaite,’ an adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘Jerusalem’s Lot,’ saw her playing Rebecca Morgan alongside Adrien Brody. In ‘The Rig,’ set on a Scottish oil rig surrounded by a mysterious fog, Hampshire portrayed Rose Mason. The series was well-received, with Amazon Prime announcing its renewal for a second season in February 2023.

Apart from these major projects, she appeared in the horror anthology ‘50 States of Fright‘ and lent her voice to a character in the podcast ‘The Beautiful Liar.

Her Filmography


In 2022, Hampshire starred in ‘The End of Sex‘ as Emma, followed by another film in 2023: ‘Bloody Hell‘ portraying Rita. Additionally, in late 2015, she joined the cast of ‘The Death and Life of John F. Donovan,‘ directed by Xavier Dolan and featuring names like Natalie Portman and Kathy Bates.

Other Appearances


Emily’s work extends beyond traditional film and television. In 2021, she was featured in the music video for The Tragically Hip’s single ‘Not Necessary.‘ Besides, she has also graced screens in episodes of shows like ‘Robot Chicken‘ and reality programs, including ‘The Real Housewives of New York City‘ and, recently, ‘Celebrity Jeopardy!

Hampshire’s Net Worth and Upcoming Projects


Currently, Emily Hampshire holds a net worth of $3 million. Beyond acting, she also has tried her hand at writing and producing, with work on the web series ‘Humpday with Hampshire‘ in 2020.

Looking ahead, 2023 holds promise for Hampshire fans. She has projects lined up across various genres, with films such as ‘Mom,‘ ‘Self Reliance,‘ ‘Humane,‘ and ‘The Mattachine Family.‘ Moreover, she’s starring in a TV series titled ‘Slip‘ and the reboot of ‘Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.

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