Faye Dunaway’s Net Worth After Being Blacklisted By Hollywood

Zehra Kabak

In 2019, Faye Dunaway’s reputation in Hollywood took damage after the crew of the play ‘Tea at Five’ reported that the actress abused them behind the scenes.

On July 10 of that year, the producers canceled a performance shortly before the curtain because Dunaway allegedly slapped and threw things at crew members while they were trying to put on her wig.

According to the news, before that incident, the actress sent ‘troubling, rambling, angry’ voicemails to the creative team in the middle of the night and made the theater staff scrub her dressing room’s floor on their hands and knees.

When Dunaway kept verbally and physically abusing the team, the producers cut their relationship with her, citing safety concerns. Following that, her personal assistant, Michael Rocha, filed a lawsuit against her, alleging workplace harassment based on his sexual orientation.

With these, Dunaway didn’t appear in a new project in the upcoming years, although her roles in previous productions, including ‘Mommie Dearest’ and ‘Network,’ led Celebrity Net Worth to record her fortune as $50 million.

In 2022, the Oscar-winning actress returned to the screen in collaboration with Kevin Spacey, accused of sexual abuse by multiple sources. The two’s film, ‘The Man Who Drew God,’ premiered in Italy at the Torino Film Festival that year but never saw a US release.

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