Flea Reacts To Red Hot Chili Peppers Live Show Backlash

Bihter Sevinc

In a recent post on X, Flea responded to criticism about the Red Hot Chili Peppers live performances during their ongoing Global Stadium Tour.

The band typically plays 17 songs in their shows, which last for about one hour and forty-five minutes. A user reacted to that, writing:

“Yeah, the set list is way too short for a band with an extensive catalog. You guys are not a new band anymore. People would rather hear more songs and less extended jams. Heck, Stones, Macca, all play over 2 hours, close to 3 hours. Even Taylor Swift plays for almost 3 hours!”

After another fan discussed that they miss the jams on this tour, but the current audience at their shows isn’t really into it, the same user replied:

“There is a time and place for extended jams. You do that at a small club show, theater show, or promo show. But when you play stadiums, you have to play good songs and cut short the jams.”

The bassist stepped into the conversation and said:

“Always jam live. If you just wanna see a song played like on a record, just listen to the record. Where is the risk and hope for something higher without improvisation?”

This sort of criticism about the RHCP setlist on this tour is not new. Following their February shows in Sydney, the fans were disappointed because the band didn’t play many of their popular songs. Many complained about the setlist, which included mostly songs from their latest albums released in 2022. One of them wrote on social media:

“Good experience (but) won’t see them again. Their set was new song focused, and the crowd struggled to feel it.”

However, there were also some fans with a different perspective. One of them said:

“Of course, they’re gonna play new stuff when they released two new albums last year.”

You can check out the tweets below.

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