Former Genesis Singer Peter Gabriel Details Unusual Collaboration With Skrillex

Deniz Kivilcim

Former Genesis frontman Peter Gabriel recently talked about his collaboration with Skrillex. In a new video on his YouTube Channel, the former singer shared details about his upcoming new LP ‘I/O,’ which he has been working on for more than two decades.

The singer shared the process of his newly released song, ‘This Is Home,’ getting a call from the DJ and how he inspired Gabriel to write his latest released song:

“Early in the process, I had a call from Skrillex, and he’s a very talented musician, and I thought that it’d be interesting to see what he wants or what he’s got in mind. So he did, he came to my little home studio, and we sat down and talked and tried to evolve bits and pieces. It was mainly this song, he was, I think, trying to encourage me to write a song about staying up all night in a nightclub and that sort of thing.”

The musician then shared what the song turned into rather than what Skrillex suggested:

“But that’s not really my life, so I made it more about family and home. What was for me, it was interesting and fun day, but it didn’t get to complete that way, interesting experience nonetheless, and I think it is good for me to be taken outside my normal comfort zone sometimes.”

Although, according to Gabriel, the final version of the song is less radio-friendly, he didn’t hesitate to try something new with his voice. He explained:

“We took it into this other direction which is probably less radio-friendly but more Gabriel. I did an unusual thing for me in that I tried doing this low voice/high voice thing, so you get this almost conversational voice at the beginning, and the second part is a higher, more emotional voice. I thought that would be both intimate and emotive to put the two side by side.”

This Is Home‘ is the 10th song to be released from Gabriel’s forthcoming LP, and it’s one of the songs he has been playing in his ongoing North American arena tour, which is scheduled to wrap up on October 21.

Gabriel has been releasing the songs on every full moon, and although there are now eleven songs released, there still isn’t an official release date for the album.

You can watch Gabriel’s latest video below.

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