From Anya Taylor Joy To Mischa Barton: 7 Celebrities Who Talk About Their Insecurities

Elif Ozden

Insecurities are a universal human experience, something we all grapple with at various moments in our lives. Despite their seemingly perfect lives, even celebrities aren’t immune to such feelings. Here, we shed light on seven celebrities who have openly shared their personal insecurities:

Scarlett Johanson


Ranked among the top 10 most beautiful women of all time, Johanson expressed her own doubts about her body. In a conversation with Barbara Walters in 2014, the actress opened up about not finding her body particularly special, stating she doesn’t like her thighs and midsection. Besides, she also claimed she doesn’t know what it means to act seductively.

Amy Adams


Adams revealed her moments of self-doubt after the 2002 movie ‘Catch Me If You Can.’ She expressed the pressure she felt to reach a certain level of acting prowess and shared her insecurities, which existed long before she became an actress. Adams even recounted an ‘existential crisis’ she experienced at the Oscars, feeling out of place next to other actors.

Mischa Barton


Despite her early success, Barton faced ongoing criticism regarding her weight. The actress detailed her struggles with body image in a 2013 interview with People magazine, revealing she was initially criticized for being too skinny, but that shifted to criticism for being too big. She also believed she was never the ‘right’ weight.

Chris Evans


Evans, famed for his portrayal of Captain America, expressed his insecurities when compared to his co-stars. Admitting to ‘drowning in insecurity’ in 2011, he described the challenges of feeling like a sex symbol, especially standing next to actors like Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth.

Anya Taylor Joy


Recollecting her past, Anya shared with W Magazine an incident from her school days when she was compared to a fish due to the placement of her eyes. These comments led her to avoid mirrors for a long time. She also humorously pointed out how her unique eye placement affected her ability to catch a ball during sports.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson


The world-famous wrestler-turned-actor Johnson has not been spared from insecurities either. Despite his muscular physique and presence in the world of wrestling, Johnson admitted to moments of doubt, especially when comparing his body to fellow wrestlers.

Lisa Haydon


Haydon opened up about facing ‘thin shaming’ during her growing-up years back in 2016. While many associate body image issues with being on the larger side, Haydon said her experiences show that being very skinny can also lead to self-consciousness.

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