From Charlie Chaplin To David Bowie: 7 Top-Notch Cocktails Named After Celebrities

Elif Ozden

Apart from leaving their marks on the entertainment industry, celebrities have also inspired the creation of cocktails. If you’re curious about which drink pays homage to which celebrity, look no further. Here’s a lineup of seven beverages named after some of the most renowned personalities in entertainment.

7. Shirley Temple


The cocktail named in Temple’s honor is sweet and non-alcoholic. Simply composed of grenadine, Sprite, and a garnish of maraschino cherry, it’s an ideal choice for those seeking a beverage without the kick of alcohol.

6. Mary Pickford


With light rum, pineapple juice, grenadine, and maraschino cherry juice, this Prohibition-era creation is a flavorful concoction. Moreover, the cocktail offers room for variation, with some versions featuring ingredients like gin or cognac.

5. John Daly


Off the green, Daly’s legacy includes a refreshing drink, offering a twist on the classic Arnold Palmer. A mix of sweet tea, lemonade, and a shot of vodka, the John Daly can also be tailored to suit one’s preference for potency.

4. Joan Collins


Collins lends her name to a cocktail that combines vodka, grapefruit juice, sugar, and club soda. As an added touch of elegance, it’s traditionally served in a Collins glass.

3. Charlie Chaplin


This early 20th-century cocktail pays homage to Chaplin with a blend of sloe gin, lemon juice, and apricot brandy.

2. Douglas Fairbanks


Fairbanks’ namesake cocktail features Plymouth gin, French vermouth, and peels of both orange and lemon.

1. David Bowie


The drink inspired by Ziggy Stardust is a mix of chocolate liqueur and bourbon. The Portland microdistillery, New Deal, introduced this blend, which is typically garnished with an orange wedge.

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