From Heidi Montag To Joe Rogan: 5 Most Bizarre Diets Celebrities Tried

Zehra Kabak

As most experts advised following balanced diets without processed food to stay healthy, some names in the entertainment industry made the headlines with their unusual diets throughout the years. We explained five of these diets from five different celebrities in the following list.

Mariah Carey Only Eats Norwegian Salmon And Capers


In 2016, Carey revealed to E! News that she kept her form by eating only Norwegian salmon and capers every day. While the singer explained the lack of other nutrients from her menu by saying she tried to stick to the proteins, she described her diet as ‘the worst.’

Joe Rogan Uses All-Meat Diet


‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ host informed listeners about his all-meat diet in 2020. According to him, the eating plan he followed for a month contributed to a weight loss of 12 pounds and increased his energy levels. Although he also reported experiencing digestive issues because of it, Rogan announced revisiting the diet on Instagram in 2022.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Use Booze To Stay Healthy


The 76-year-old bodybuilder previously shared that he followed a mostly plant-based diet, which supported his cholesterol levels and overall health. He also mentioned adding alcohol, specifically tequila, to his protein shakes, citing flavor and contribution to protein absorption as the reason during an interview with Men’s Health.

Shailene Woodley Eats Clay


Woodley once reported taking half a teaspoon of clay mixed with 8 ounces of water daily to help her body get rid of ‘negative isotopes.’ In an interview with a beauty blog, the actress said that she learned about the potential benefits of clay from a taxi driver and considered the material ‘the best you can put in your body’ after that.

Heidi Montag Eats Raw Meat


Last year, photographers caught Heidi Montag on Los Angeles streets, eating raw liver from a plastic bag. When People asked her about the diet, the model explained that she ate raw meat to improve her fertility. She also added that her love for this type of diet came from her interest in ‘the way humans are meant to eat.’

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