Gavin Casalegno Explains Christopher Briney Friendship Outside Of ‘Love Triangle’

Elif Ozden

‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ cast recently joined TODAY’s Hoda Kotb to discuss the upcoming second season of the series. During the conversation, Gavin Casalegno touched upon his off-screen friendship with his co-star Christopher Briney.

When Hoda highlighted the chemistry between them, Casalegno commented:

“I just enjoy having someone that I can spend time. You know, you spend so much time. There’s so much time on set that’s downtime, and there’s so many hours between setups, so to have somebody that I care about to spend the time with, people that I care about, it makes a difference.”

Hoda then wanted to talk about season two of the series, bringing forward the ‘love triangle’ that was in season one. Underlining the growth of the characters, Lola Tung chimed in:

“I would say the characters go through a lot of growth and have experienced new things, as you do when you grow up, and are learning how to deal with these new feelings and changes in their relationships.”

Revealing the second season will be in relation to the first season, Briney added:

“It’s just, I think, in relation to the first season. The second season grows up with these characters because they’ve experienced a lot of big things in their life to this point, like bigger than they had going into the first season. So, the tone goes along with them, I think.”

Briney is great friends with Casalegno, who plays Jeremiah in real life, and his other co-stars Sean Kaufman and David Ianco. As reported by PopBuzz, Briney said the following to Seventeen about their friendship:

“Immediately, I just clicked with all of them – Sean, Gavin, David, Lola, with everybody. It was an immediate sort of friendship that you don’t always feel. I talk to Sean probably every day, and I talk to Gavin as much as I can.”

In the series, Belly, played by Tung, is a 15-year-old who found herself in a love triangle with brothers Jeremiah (Casalegno) and Conrad (Briney). As their mothers are close friends, they all grow up together, but the boys fall in love with Belly.

Premiered on June 17, 2022, with its first season consisting of 7 episodes, ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ was renewed for a second season set to premiere on July 14, 2023, with eight episodes.

You can watch the interview below.

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