Graham Nash Shares What He Wished To Tell David Crosby Before His Passing

Deniz Kivilcim

Graham Nash once again opened up about his late friend and bandmate David Crosby in a recent interview. During the interview with iNews, Nash expressed sadness that they had only started to reconcile before Crosby’s passing due to COVID-19, mentioning that they had planned to have a Facetime call which never happened:

“At the end, there, we were getting together. We were emailing each other and voicemailing each other. [I needed to apologize for] shooting off my mouth. [We set up a FaceTime] where we could see each other’s faces. I waited and waited, and he never called. And then he was gone.”

The musician was asked what he wanted to say to his friend. He revealed:

“That we made a lot of beautiful music. We had a lot of great times. Why don’t we get back to that?”

Nash clarified that he doesn’t regret the bitterness between the two and admitted something about his long-time friend:

“I don’t regret anything, actually. David and I, our animosity towards each other was very genuine. There are reasons that I’ll never tell. But he is – sorry, he was – one of the great musicians in the world. Completely unique. I have to admit that.”

In an earlier interview, Nash revealed that he would have accepted making peace with his late friend and clarified that he was sure it would have been sincere.

Though the two musicians reconnected before Crosby’s passing away, Crosby had caused a heated beef after making mocking comments about Neil Young’s girlfriend. Despite Crosby’s apology for the comments he had made, the friendship of the two fell apart. With their final interaction being via email, the two couldn’t patch up their friendship in a proper way.

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