Hayley Williams Says Fans Uncovered Details In New Paramore Album She ‘Couldn’t See’

Deniz Kivilcim

Hayley Williams of Paramore recently spoke to Vanity Fair about upcoming shows, her style, politics, and more. Experimenting with different sounds in each record, the band’s latest album, ‘This Is Why,’ was also a change for the band. But apparently, Williams couldn’t see all the difference before the fans pointed it out. She explains:

I think fans kind of nailed it before I could. I find it interesting that I couldn’t see that myself. Can you fit things in one of two categories, or should there be infinite categories? Are people good or evil, or are they good and evil? Are we all capable of the same terrible things as much as we’re all capable of the same incredible things?”

The frontwoman complains about the one thing she doesn’t like about the music industry. She goes:

“We aren’t one thing or another. Once Paramore as a band understood that we don’t have to fit into this or that and we can just follow the feelings and trust it, that’s when we found a lot more freedom onstage, in the studio, with our fans.”

Still, to this day, Paramore has been making music and going on tours for 20 years. Starting on 20th May, their North American tour will end in St. Paul, Minnesota, on 2nd August. To see further details of the tour, click here.

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