Hozier Recalls Realizing What Joni Mitchell Has Been Missing

Serra Ozturk

Hozier recently sat down with Scott Lipps on the ‘Lipps Service’ podcast where he shared the night he went to Joni Mitchell’s house for a jam session. The singer told Lipps what Joni had been missing by sharing how he got invited and what happened; he explained:

“She [Brandi Carlile] invited me into one of the very early Joni Jams back in L.A. She was like, ‘Hey would you want to have dinner at Joni Mitchell’s house?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah let me just book a flight.’ I think we were in Texas. – ‘I think I’m around for that. I think I can fly a thousand miles for that.'”

When Scott asked how Joni was, Hozier shared what the singer had been missing. He added:

“She was wonderful, she was very talkative. That was a really surreal night. Brandi was like, ‘Hey we’re just gonna have dinner at Joni Mitchell’s house. I get the impression she’s kind of said that she just misses having music around and people playing music so it’ll be cool to bring that into the space.'”

Hozier also pointed out Brandi’s kindness and how she is as a person by saying:

“That’s what I say about Brandi creating space that people thrive in, people feel good, and people feel welcome in and included in and she works from this place of love. So it was like a very simple thing of like, ‘Let’s just play music and see what happens.’ Like you know I just brought a guitar.

The ‘Take Me To Church’ singer also shared some surprise names who were also present that day at Joni’s house. Hozier continued:

“Then I arrived that day we were on the way to the house. She was like, ‘Oh yeah, by the way, I think Herbie Hancock is coming. I think Chaka Khan is coming.’ Yeah, it was nuts.”

You can watch Hozier’s interview with Scott Lipps on the ‘Lipps Service’ podcast below.

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