Is The Immaculate Room A Waste Of Time Despite Kate Bosworth’s Brilliant Acting

Elif Ozden

‘The Immaculate Room’ presents an interesting case study. While Kate Bosworth has been acknowledged for her acting skills, the overall resonance of the film is a topic of discussion. Does Bosworth’s acting talent overshadow potential plot gaps, or does the narrative hold its own?

The Narrative Element

In the film, two people, Mikey (Emile Hirsch) and Kate (Kate Bosworth), are challenged to stay in a white, featureless room for 50 days. If they both stay for the full duration, they win $5 million. If only one remains, the prize is reduced to $1 million.

They are allowed to ask for two ‘treats’ for a cash penalty. Characters can receive messages from loved ones and are introduced to a gun, a naked woman, and ecstasy pills.

During their time in the room, Mikey turns to philosophical rambling while Kate resorts to meditation and affirmations. Mikey is more chaotic, running laps and climbing walls. However, Kate is about control, meditating, and affirming.

She hoped the time in the room would be a ‘second chance’ for their relationship. If she wins, Kate plans to invest her money, while Mikey wants financial freedom to pursue art.


This storyline has received a variety of responses.

The film’s abstract concept is seen as a conversation starter. Decider claimed that it’s reminiscent of a ‘Black Mirror’ episode but lighter on sci-fi elements and found the movie to be bland, wanting more out of its execution.

According to an LA Times review, Dewil’s ending for the film was too neat, considering the movie’s dark themes. Besides, the review also argues that ‘The Immaculate Room’ tried to tackle boredom without being boring, but it didn’t always succeed.

Kate Bosworth’s Role in the Film


Many have discussed the potential of the character Bosworth played in ‘The Immaculate Room.’ Viewers and critics alike have praised her ability to portray her character’s emotions, but there were some issues. According to some Reddit users, the relationship between Mikey and Kate was rocky before entering the room, although they were dubbed as ‘the perfect couple.’ Others pointed out that Kate was unnecessarily mean and criticized her character for being poorly written.

Audience and Critical Reception


The reception of ‘The Immaculate Room’ has varied among critics. While there’s recognition for Bosworth’s role, the film itself has seen mixed reviews. Some comments highlight its different approach, while others discuss its pacing and execution.

According to Reddit discussions, there’s a split in opinions on whether spending 50 days in the room would be doable. Besides, some viewers found character motives confusing or lacking. Still, a portion of viewers enjoyed the movie and its concept.

As of now, ‘The Immaculate Room’ has a 5.1 rating on IMDb, and a 29% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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