Jack Blades Believes People Need A Damn Yankees Reunion

Deniz Kivilcim

Damn Yankees bassist Jack Blades shared his views on a potential reunion of the band in a recent interview with Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk. Blades stated his belief that the reunion should be for the fans, rather than the band itself. When asked about the reunion, he responded:

“I just hope it could. Because I think people need to see that. I think a lot of the younger people didn’t get to see it back when we did it 20-something years ago. But for the fans, we had so much fun, that stage was so electric. With Tommy [Shaw] and Ted [Nugent] and myself and Michael [Cartellone] up there, it was just something else.”

The bassist admitted one thing about the shows. He said:

“I would hope that someday we could just, even if we did a run of like six shows somewhere, in Vegas, I don’t know, anywhere. Let’s do some shows. I think it would be so much fun for the fans, that’s what I think. It would be a blast for us anyway, too. But it would be fun for the fans. So I would hope that someday we could do that. I personally do.”

Ted Nugent, too, shared his opinions on the matter. In an interview last year, he mentioned that the band members have love and respect for each other and still keep in touch. However, Nugent did not give a specific time frame for a reunion but expressed his desire to relive the ‘positive experience.’

Tommy Shaw holds a different opinion from Blades and Nugent regarding the need for a reunion. During a previous interview, he stated:

“As far as I’m concerned, we had our day. We had big records, we sold a lot of records, we got a lot of airplay, and I just don’t know how we would be able to fit all that in. I wouldn’t wanna tell the guys in my band [Styx], ‘Sorry, guys. We can’t play any shows for a few months.’ ‘Cause that’s what everybody wants to do.”

Though the band reunited for several special occasions over the years, Damn Yankees didn’t record any new material since their break up.

See the short clip of the interview below.

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