Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell Explains Why There Aren’t Any Good Music Anymore

Deniz Kivilcim

Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell recently shared his thoughts on music and explained why there aren’t any good music anymore on the new episode of the Cumulus Podcasts. While chatting about the upcoming album and new music, the interviewer told the frontman that a new Jane’s Addiction album has been needed and that it would be a new beginning for the band.

After Farrell shared his appreciation, he explained why he doesn’t think there is any good music left, resembling the music of ripe fruit:

“The way I look at it is, I think what’s happened is, you like to eat fruit, right? Me too, I love fruit. I remember when I was a little boy, the fruit was sweeter. I can’t be that fruit sweeter. So I had to really put my mind to it. What is it that’s with fruit that doesn’t taste that sweet? And the answer is they don’t let it ripen before they serve it to you these days. Like, you go to a restaurant, they don’t wait for it.”

He then brought the topic to the record companies:

“So the reason I’m telling you all this is, I think that music is just as sweet as it always has been. But unfortunately, I think that the record companies tend to pull the musical fruit from the vine before it’s time and put it out there and serve it to you.”

He concluded with the following:

“I think that the bands you are listening to are good bands, sometimes, but they shouldn’t really be at the top of the playlist yet. And so you’re hearing kind of green music.”

Parrell confirmed that he would be working on new music not only for Jane’s Addiction but for Porno For Pyros and Kind Heaven Orchestra too. The band even played their new song in ten years for the first time during one of their sets this year.

See the new song ‘True Love’ and the new podcast episode below.

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