Jay Jay French Explains Why The Grateful Dead ‘Sucked’

Serra Ozturk

Twisted Sister’s Jay Jay French recently shared with Goldmine that he was as obsessed with The Grateful Dead as he was The Beatles. French revealed that his admiration for Grateful Dead quickly changed when he stitched up his listening style. He explained:

“I was a huge Deadhead, huge beyond belief. I saw the Dead 26 times from 1968 to 1972. I saw them on LSD 25 of those 26 times. On the 26th time, I didn’t do acid, and I thought they sucked. I never saw them again. And from that day forward, I never listened to a Grateful Dead record ever — ever — again.”

Even though Jay Jay had put Grateful Dead in the same category as The Beatles, he added that his preference changed overnight. French continued:

“Which is odd, considering they [The Grateful Dead] were as important to me as The Beatles were, and then I didn’t give a sh*t one day.”

This isn’t the first time the guitarist shared his dislike for The Grateful Dead. Jay Jay recently also listed his 13 favorite guitarists to Goldmine. Instead of listing Jerry Garcia as his favorite, French expressed why he didn’t like The Grateful Dead guitarist’s playing. He said:

“[Jerry] Garcia is listed last because I was never a fan of his playing. I get the fact that he was perfect for the band, but his style and his guitar tone were never particularly interesting to me. All these other players on my list were very heavy with blues chops. Garcia was not — at all.”

You can read Jay Jay French’s interview with Goldmine here.

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