Jennifer Aniston’s 5 DIY Beauty Hacks That Help Her Look Young

Zehra Kabak

Jennifer Aniston turned 54 last February and has supported a young-looking appearance since her role in ‘Friends’ in the ’90s. In fact, People magazine even named her ‘the most beautiful woman in the world’ in 2016. So, over the years, the actress has shared details of her beauty routine in different interviews. Here are five of the hacks she mentioned.

5. Wash Your Face With Cold Water


In a 2019 interview with Vogue, Aniston mentioned a face-washing technique she adopted, similar to one ‘Joan Crawford’ used. She described splashing her face in ice water 25 times every morning, saying it ‘woke the skin up.’

4. Mind Your Diet


Aniston stressed the place of hydration in her life during past chats. In a 2014 interview with Women’s Health, she mentioned adopting a diet with more fruits and vegetables and less fried food. She also noted that using alcohol negatively affected her skin.

3. Wear Sunscreen



The ‘Friends’ actress revealed protection from the Sun as a top priority. She talked about having sunscreen and moisturizers easily accessible in her home and car. Also, she described applying hand lotion after every shower, suggesting it offered extra hydration.

2. Get Light Therapy


In an interview with Shape, Aniston discussed using an infrared sauna for light therapy after gym sessions. She said that this practice helped in ‘detoxication and cell rejuvenation’ while positively affecting her energy and sleep.

1. Practice Self-Care


The actress shared with Shape that she dedicated Sundays to personal spa treatments, including skin scrubbing and facial masks. Additionally, she mentioned taking 20-30 minutes every morning for meditation.

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