Jerrie Johnson’s Crucial Lesson On Being Unapologetic About Who You Are

Bihter Sevinc

In a world often filled with expectations and judgments, embracing one’s authentic self can be a difficult thing. In the spotlight, where public figures are constantly under scrutiny, the journey to self-acceptance becomes even more significant.

Jerrie Johnson, known for her role as Tye Reynolds on the Amazon Prime show ‘Harlem,’ spoke about the value of being yourself to HelloBeautiful during a video interview in March 2023, saying:

“I am the leader of the ‘how does Jerrie’s body look’ committee, and everybody else falls in line. If I’m not, then I’m looking for people to tell me that, and when I’m looking for what people have to say, I’m going to get what they have to say, not how it is or not how I feel … there’s nothing that anybody can tell me about the way I look.”

As a message of empowerment to women of all ages, the actress continued:

“I truly feel like we have to have the audacity to [affirm ourselves]. We have to know that not doing it is not the thing that’s going to get us the partner of our dreams or the job of our dreams.”

She added:

“If I’m working somewhere and I can’t tell myself how beautiful I am because it makes somebody else uncomfortable, I’m not meant to work there. If I’m with a partner and they don’t want me to affirm myself, I don’t need to be with that person. But it takes practice – it’s not easy work, you know.”

In another 2022 interview with xoNecole, Johnson gave another personal piece of advice for those struggling with saying ‘no.’ She told them to first forgive themselves for not prioritizing their needs before. While acknowledging the challenge of setting boundaries, she thinks saying ‘no’ should be empowering, helping individuals reclaim agency in their lives.

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