Jessica Biel’s 3 Must-Have Items To Travel With

Bihter Sevinc

Traveling is a favorite activity for many, including celebrities like Jessica Biel. Along the way, she has fine-tuned her travel essentials to be both convenient and stylish. From her carefree days before becoming a mom to her current adventures with her son, Silas, Jessica has found the must-have items that join her on every journey, offering practicality and a touch of fashion. Let’s discover the secrets of Jessica’s travel beauty routine that keeps her ready for any journey.

In a 2018 chat with Condé Nast Traveler at the American Express Experience campaign launch, the Hollywood star revealed what she would take with her before motherhood, saying:

“Well, that was probably a great set of black pumps, a pair of Stan Smiths, and a great harem pant that you could wear on a plane or put with heels but also wear to the beach.”

After becoming a mother, Biel’s travel priorities underwent a significant shift, as she explained:

“That would be before becoming a mom, and now, I would let go of the black pumps, which is so sad to say. But, listen, I’m still wearing my heels! But it’s not as often anymore, not in my personal, everyday life.”

When asked about the most challenging part of traveling with a little one in a further question, the actress replied:

“Most challenging, I think, is the time zone change. It’s so hard when you’re going to Europe; you’re turning around, they’re up all night, and everyone’s exhausted. But the best part is exposing them to new places, new people, cultures, foods, museums, and art. That, to me, is just priceless.”

Jessica also disclosed in a 2018 interview with Travel + Leisure that she embraces the principle of ‘less is more’ during her travels. She thinks picking a color scheme and sticking with it, such as black, white, and blue, is more practical.

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