Joan Sebastian’s Net Worth And Who Inherited His Money After Legal Battle

Zehra Kabak

During a concert in 2012, Joan Sebastian revealed that his bone cancer had returned for the third time. Three years later, he lost his life to the illness and left behind a net worth of $5 million, along with a fortune.

Winning seven Latin Grammy Awards and four Grammy Awards over his career, Sebastian reportedly bought 51 properties from his earnings in the music industry. But, these properties led to long-lasting problems among his successors after his passing.

With no will at hand, his six children and the kids of his two deceased sons started a legal battle over his inheritance. To resolve the disputes, their lawyer announced everything would be equally distributed between the successors in 2020.

But, by 2022, the singer’s eldest son, José Manuel Figueroa, revealed to TVyNovelas that his part of the inheritance was only ‘pure problems.’ Around that time, his brother Julián Figueroa also explained:

“We have been dealing with this for so long and for so many years that I do not think it will be resolved soon.”

With contracts with record labels and unfinished projects as parts of inheritance, Sebastian’s heirs didn’t announce whether they would solve the issue soon, even after nine years.

On the other hand, upon Julián’s passing in April 2023, the news reported that he inherited his father’s ranch in Cuernavaca, Morelos. Despite this, he left the property due to its maintenance costs and chose to rent it for an income.

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