Joe Bonamassa Thinks ‘The Big Victory’ For Touring Artists Might Be A Diversion

Melisa Karakas

Joe Bonamassa recently celebrated ‘the big victory’ for touring artists who fought back against venues taking all the profit in merchandise sales on X. Then, he theorized that, perhaps, this ‘victory’ was just a diversion.

The guitarist tweeted:

“You could argue that this is big victory for touring artists. One could also argue that this is perfunctory gesture to draw attention away from the much bigger grift. Ticket Fees, $15 beer, $50 parking fleece the fans and generate huge profits that artists don’t participate in.”

He also responded to a fan who tweeted that they’d come to see him at the Fox venue in Atlanta, GA, and was wondering whether the venue¬† would be profiting from ticket sales:

“It’s Ticketmaster [that is profiting] and not the Fox. It’s a very weird system.”

Bonamassa, if you’re a fan, is currently on a U.S. tour and his next show will take place on October 23 in Tenessee. You can check out here for further information.

You can check out the tweets here.

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