Joe Lo Truglio Reveals The Actors He Beat To Get ‘Charles Boyle’ Role In Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Elif Ozden

Joe Lo Truglio recently joined the SDR Show and talk about the role he is best known for, ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Charles Boyle. During the conversation, he revealed the other actors who he competed with for the role.

In the interview, Ralph Sutton asked Truglio if he remembered who else auditioned for the Charles Boyle role. The actor then gave the names he was chosen over:

“Yeah, one was an incredible iconic name, Jon Glaser, who is just phenomenal, and someone that ended up being on the show in a pretty big part, Marc Evan Jackson, Holt’s husband. I’m forgetting a couple of others. It’s so funny with these things; it’s like it is what it is. You landed in; so many people could have done this role. I’m glad that I was the one that they chose, but that’s just how it played out.”

Truglio also recalled his favorite cold open in the series:

“My favorite is the one with Jake and Boyle about Dianne Wiest. We’re going back and forth, staring each other down because, at the time, the show is so fast and so quick with its cutting, and it’s very verbal. There’s just a moment that we’re just cutting back and forth between reactions that I think is really hilarious.

As reported by TheThings, ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s creators had a different approach to casting: they wanted an open casting call to give talented actors who weren’t that famous a chance to be chosen. So, it seems Lo Truglio had other contenders for the role as well.

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s eighth and final season premiered on August 12, 2021. Joe Lo Truglio recently made his directional debut with ‘Outpost,’ a psychological horror film that also stars his real-life partner, Beth Dover.

You can watch the interview below.

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