Joel McKinnon Miller And Dirk Blocker Now: What Happened To Hitchcock And Scully Of Brooklyn 99

Zehra Kabak

Starting their careers in their teenage years, Joel McKinnon Miller and Dirk Blocker found international success with the roles of Scully and Hitchcock in ‘Brooklyn 99.’ While their performances as the duo received award nominations, the two didn’t appear together in the series’ last season.

The last season of ‘Brooklyn 99,’ filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic, showed Blocker’s character mostly through Facetime, citing the reason as Hitchcock’s retirement to Brazil. While no official statement has detailed why the actor was not present on set, some reports suggested possible health concerns due to the virus.

As the show ended by keeping the duo physically apart for the most part, the actors went their separate careers. But, in an interview he gave to Living Lutheran after the finale, McKinnon Miller mentioned still being recognized for their parts by saying:

“Getting recognized by people is flattering because it’s nice to hear people like what you do. Once, in San Francisco, a woman asked me if I was Scully from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. We took a photo, and then I like to ask people their names and where they’re from. She said she was from Trinidad. I couldn’t believe someone from Trinidad knew all about our show.”

The Scully actor followed his ‘Brooklyn 99’ tenure with a role in five episodes of ‘The Staircase’ and a guest appearance in ‘Station 19’ during its sixth season. Dirk Blocker, on the other hand, didn’t appear in new projects and touched on the possibility of retiring once, although he didn’t make it official.

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