Joey Tempest Is Glad That Europe Were Able To Continue After ‘The Final Countdown’

Bihter Sevinc

Europe’s Joey Tempest recently appeared on Planet Rock’s My Planet Rocks hosted by Mark Jeeves and expressed relief that they could follow up ‘The Final Countdown’ with the hit track ‘Superstitious.’

Speaking on the band’s future recording plans, the singer said:

“We’re becoming interested and inspired again now. It’s taken a while. This period with the world made me go back to the roots and write a lot again. So I have loads and loads of ideas, but not necessarily all of ’em for Europe.

So it’s been very creative, but it sort of a few gigs last year for us to start — because we’re friends from teenage years — but we started connecting again. And we started sending stuff to each other, and we have a few really good ideas now. And that’s always great.”

Then, he recalled the aftermath of ‘The Final Countdown’:

“I remember when we did ‘Out Of This World’ after ‘The Final Countdown,’ and I managed to come up with ‘Superstitious.’ And I [was, like], ‘Thank goodness.’ You need something to kick things off, and I think we have one of those tracks brewing. So it’s always nice to get going with something really cool.”

In a 2015 interview with Songfacts, when asked about the challenges of following up on the success of ‘The Final Countdown’ album, Tempest said that the band deliberately chose not to copy it. Instead, they wanted to embark on a distinct musical journey. He explained:

“We just decided not to emulate it [‘The Final Countdown]. We tried to go on our own journey after that. ‘Out of This World’ is slightly different: more guitar-driven, more classic rock driven.

I don’t remember having a big problem with it because we took the decision not to try to write another ‘The Final Countdown.’ It was just moving on, really. ‘Out of This World’ was quite a good album and a great tour, I remember.”

To mark the 40th anniversary of their debut album, Europe will start a European tour named the ‘Time Capsule’ in the autumn. It will kick off on September 30 in Switzerland and conclude on October 31 in their hometown, Sweden. The band’s new album is also expected to arrive in 2024.

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