John Abraham’s Workout Routine

Zehra Kabak

Taking part in multiple action projects like ‘Mumbai Saga’ and ‘Attack,’ John Abraham performed many of his on-screen stunts himself during his acting career. To achieve that, he stuck to a strict workout and dietary routine throughout the years.

According to the explanations, Abraham exercises six days a week, focusing on two muscle groups daily: one major and one minor. For example, on Mondays, he works on his chest and triceps through exercises like bench presses and triceps pushdowns.

Throughout the rest of the week, the actor goes for other muscle groups, including the back and biceps, shoulders and abs, and legs, with presses, pull-ups, and raises. He also includes cardio in his plan, with 30-minute cycling and a separate day dedicated to it.

Abraham takes a day off for rest and rejuvenation each week while also supporting his routine with a diet program. According to food physiotherapist Dr Prashant Mistry, he takes between 200 and 250 grams of protein daily.

To meet his energy needs, the actor’s diet includes a cup of coffee followed by five egg whites in the morning and homemade meals with roti or rice at noon. Overall, his calorie intake reaches up to 4,000 calories, with a focus on sources like eggs and fruits.

For mid meals, Abraham often chooses protein shakes or oats with a few egg whites and avoids oily and processed food as well as sugary drinks and alcohol. Fruit serves as a usual snack for him.

As his diet, rich in proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats, supports his workout routine, the actor doesn’t add cheat days to it for consistency.

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