John Corabi Thinks Glenn Hughes Put The Dead Daisies On The Spot

Zehra Kabak

John Corabi recently returned to the Dead Daisies after Glenn Hughes left the band to go for different musical projects. During an interview with Metal Edge, Corabi discussed Hughes’ decision to leave, noting:

“Don’t get me wrong — I love the stuff they did with Glenn. And they had a good thing going, but Glenn forced their hand a bit when he decided to do some stuff supporting the 50th anniversary of Deep Purple’s ‘Burn’ album. And then he talked to Joe Bonamassa, and they’re gonna do some stuff, too. So, Glenn decided he was ready to do other things, which led to them calling me.”

In past interviews, the singer cited the Dead Daisies’ busy schedule as the main factor behind his decision to take a break. So, when he went on to talk about his comeback in the recent chat, he said:

“I guess the Dead Daisies could have taken a couple of years off and waited for Glenn, but they didn’t wanna do that. So, they called me and said, ‘Hey, dude, would you wanna come back and do some s**t?’ And we worked it out to where we’re going to stay busy but not excruciatingly hectic. We want to work. We want to be busy, but not to the point where the whole band gets burnt out again.”

Corabi’s worry about his health was another reason for his departure from the band. While chatting with Backstage Pass Rock-News last year, the vocalist revealed that he needed to be careful about his voice after the Dead Daisies’ on-the-go lifestyle.

Following his return, his bandmate, Doug Aldrich, touched on this matter during an interview with SoundMojo. He explained:

“For a singer, it’s pretty different because, especially during that time when John was working with us at the end of 2017. ’17 and ’18, we were crazy busy. ’16, ’17, ’18. So, in the beginning of ’19, I think John was ready for a break. He had been singing his a** off five days a week, and we were doing meet and greets and acoustic gigs and morning radio shows, and I think he wanted to just chill for a little bit which was cool.”

The guitarist went on to talk about Hughes’ time in the band:

“We brought in Glenn, which was great; we made a left turn with Glenn, we didn’t try, and there’s no replacing John Corabi. He’s a very rock n’ roll frontman, and see, he’s so fun to tour with, and he puts on a great show, and we wanted to do something different. So we got Glenn, and we kinda took, musically, a little bit of a detour; that was great, but now John is back.”

Looking ahead, the Dead Daisies have announced a world tour starting in late August. In addition, a collection of songs from the band’s earlier albums called ‘Best Of‘ will hit the shelves on August 18.

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