John Dolmayan On RATM Drummer Brad Wilk’s Peerless Drumming

Deniz Kivilcim

System Of A Down drummer John Dolmayan praised Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk in one of his recent posts on Instagram. He wrote about his first experience with the band and how he got the chance to meet them:

“I remember right around the time system was getting signed to a record deal we were afforded the opportunity to see Rage Against The Machine live. We got our first back stage passes and laminates and were allowed to watch from the side of the stage and even met the band. What an amazing experience!

He then goes on with not only complimenting his musical talent but admiring his personality too:

Brad Wilk is an excellent drummer and has been an integral part of every band he’s played with including the album he did with Black Sabbath. On top of that he’s a genuine and sweet human being and loves classic muscle cars (pretty cool). I’d like to thank him for his positive influence and for always being such a welcoming and nice guy! Rage kicks ass and Brad’s a big part of why they do!”

The post got many positive and heartwarming comments, along with Brad Wilk himself. Apparently, the feelings are mutual! His comment says:

“Dude… Thank you so much for these very kind words… Means a lot from you… Tou are an incredible drummer who also carved a niche in music. Not an easy task. Huge props and all love and respect for you my brother!”

While most of the fans and followers of the two bands commented about how both Dolmayan and Wilk inspired them to play the drums the way they did, others kept criticizing one of the two. A few people even mentioned how alike they are. To see the comments and follow what’s new, you can reach the post here.

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