John Lydon Slams Former Sex Pistols Bandmates, ‘They Are Stuck In Mud Tracks’

Deniz Kivilcim

In an interview with The Guardian, John Lydon talked about his band Public Image Ltd. and the band’s album ‘End of World.’ While chatting about one of the tracks from the album, the frontman slammed his former Sex Pistols bandmates.

The track named ‘LFCF’ from the recent album was mentioned in the interview for its lyrics. The lyrics go as the following:

“I was willing, and I was waiting / You cannot do what I do, so I left you / Give yourself a story, empty of history, wrap it up in Mickey Mouse… I love it when you slate me / But you cannot fake me.”

Lydon stated that people and AI have been making up wrong stories about the fallout of Sex Pistols and shared the only way he has been dealing with it. He said:

“The only way to deal with this is to be direct and don’t be coy with the words. But also, make it somewhat of a comedy. Let’s face it, when I went on to form PiL, the world really, really noticed. They [Cook and Jones] don’t have that capability, and they are still stuck in my mud tracks.”

The frontman made it clear that they never limited the band to a single genre and added:

“We’ve never limited ourselves to this tiny little universe called revolutionary punk rock. It’s the wonderful world of sound and noise. If I could have a volcano exploding as a fifth band member, I would, but it would be very volatile.”

The feud between the two parties heated up with the release of the biographical series ‘Pistol.’ Lydon objected when the band wanted to use their music in the show’s soundtrack. He then filedĀ a lawsuit over the copyrights of the music used in the documentary, claiming that the series would harm the band’s image.

Considering the feud between the two, it seems that a Sex Pistols reunion is out of question. Additionally, the bassist Glen Matlock clarified that there wouldn’t be a reunion since he didn’t want to share the stage with ‘people who have publicly supported Donald Trump.’

Lydon’s feud is not only limited to the Sex Pistols members but many other rockers as well. See some of them here.

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