Johnny Van Zant On Coping With Gary Rossington’s Passing

Deniz Kivilcim

Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Johnny Van Zant recently opened up about the passing away of his bandmate, Gary Rossington. During his interview with Goldmine, the frontman explained how he is coping with his friend’s passing while talking about the upcoming tour as a tribute to him:

“I started with them back in ’87. That’s been a long, long time ago. But it seems like seven seconds for me. That’s the way life is. We’re gonna get through this year. I know that Gary knew all what was going on this year, and so we’ll be out rocking into 2024; we’ll be honoring him and the others who have passed on. God works in mysterious ways.”

The frontman shared what would make his friend’s passing easier to cope with:

“All of us have been on the road doing this full-time, and we’ve had a little time to sit with things in the wake of Gary’s passing. And I think it’s gonna make it easier, honestly, to go out and play this year.”

It seems the band had plans to do with Rossington, which never happened. The rocker explained the plan:

“We had all intentions of going in and making a record and doing it with Gary. But he got sick and so it just never happened. But there are songs out there that we could record in his honor. So who knows? We’ll see what happens in the future.”

After losing his bandmate and the band’s founding member, the frontman stated that he was devastated and they were like brothers who fought, cried, made up, and got drunk together.

The cause of Rossington’s death still hasn’t been revealed, and according to Rickey Medlock, the family would not release a statement about the cause of death out of respect. Considering the rocker’s health issues with his heart, it’s possible a heart attack caused his death.

The members of Lynyrd Skynyrd officially announced that they would keep making music and performing despite Rossington’s passing, while honoring the late guitarist with their performances. The details about new music and shows are yet to come.

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