Jordyn Woods’ Greatest Beauty Regret

Elif Ozden

Celebrities often push boundaries, experimenting with new looks and trends. Jordyn Woods has certainly been part of this exploration, but not without some moments she might wish to take back. In a 2018 interview with Elite Daily, she spoke candidly about her beauty routine, the trends she loves, and one significant beauty regret that few people knew about until now.

The Regret That Shaped Her


While discussing her past beauty choices, Woods reflected on one decision that still stands out:

“I shaved half my head when I was younger and instantly regretted it. So that’s one thing. Nobody really knows that about me.”

This revelation was accompanied by other style missteps, like overfilled brows and wearing too much eyeliner. Apparently, Jordyn’s style journey was filled with experimentation and learning.

Jordyn’s Current Beauty Routine


Woods has moved past her earlier regrets, refining her beauty routine into something more nuanced and aligned with her style. She values moisturizing, using thicker lotions, but warns against overdoing it, stating:

“You can get acne. The thing is, you just have to find the right moisturizer.”

Exfoliation is also part of her regimen, practiced once or twice a week.


Even though Woods has been open to experimenting with her look, she doesn’t shy away from voicing her opinions on the trends she won’t be following:

“There’s like this furry nail trend. I was like, ‘I’ll never try that.’ There are also some crazy eyebrow trends I saw. Just keep your brows! That’s the way to do it.”

Jordyn’s unwillingness to try some trends perhaps stems from her past experiences and the lessons she learned from her greatest beauty regret!

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