Josephine Langford’s Confession About The ‘Feud’ With Her Sister Katherine Langford

Bihter Sevinc

Sibling rivalries are not uncommon, but when it comes to two rising stars in the entertainment industry, fans can’t help but wonder what’s really going on behind the scenes. Katherine Langford and her younger sister Josephine Langford have both found fame in their own right, but the absence of public displays of sisterly affection has left many bewildered.

Katherine first burst into the limelight with her portrayal of Hannah Baker in the Netflix series ’13 Reasons Why’ back in 2017. The show attracted a massive following. Following in her sister’s footsteps, Josephine secured the lead role in the teen movie ‘After.’

Despite their shared success, fans noticed a lack of interaction between the sisters on social media and during interviews. Rumors of a feud gained momentum when Katherine declared in a 2018 interview with L’Officiel magazine that nobody in her family was in show business. This statement seemingly excluded Josephine, who is, indeed, an actress. The fact that they don’t follow each other on Instagram also fueled the fire.

Addressing the feud rumors during press rounds for ‘After,’ Josephine said:

“I just don’t understand the internet sometimes. I think that rumors are crazy. My friend sent me a video the other day, and we were laughing at it because somebody had picked up like a little thing I had done in an interview, and they found what I did in multiple videos and stitched it together in a compilation.”

She continued:

“I think when you have limited content of someone, and I’m definitely not helping that, you just sort of take little parts of what you know about a person, and you extrapolate it.”

Josephine’s stance was clear: there was no bad blood between the sisters. In the rest of her interview, she stated that they would ‘100 percent’ do a movie together. The actress explained that both she and Katherine embarked on their acting careers independently and shared a background of growing up in a family with little connection to the entertainment industry.

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