Justin Hawkins Defends Miranda Lambert Against Recent Backlash

Deniz Kivilcim

The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins recently shared his insights on the Miranda Lambert incident in a video he shared on his YouTube channel.

During one of Lambert’s shows, a listener attempted to take ‘selfies’ but was scolded for not watching her performance. The singer stopped the concert to address the individual for paying attention to her phone rather than the show. A fan shared a video of the moment on Twitter, which garnered both negative and positive responses towards Lambert.

Hawkins responded to a social media video where an individual expressed their own opinions about the incident. The frontman showed his support for the country singer and said:

“Yeah, it’s her stage, it’s her microphone. I’m on Miranda’s side with this, I’ve not seen anything that’s dissuaded me from my initial point of view, which is, ‘Yeah, good for you, girl. Go for it, nice one.'”

He added:

“You give people like that microphones for a reason. You want to hear what they say, you want to hear what they feel. I’m sorry, guys, I’m firmly on Miranda’s side. Don’t be rude, there’s no excuse for it. I don’t think Miranda was even rude, I think she was actually just saying, ‘I’m pissed off,’ she’s expressing an actual sentiment. It’s lovely stuff.”

The listener shared the two pictures she and her friends were trying to take during the show with the description:

“These are the 2 pictures we were taking when Miranda Lambert stopped her concert and told us to sit down and not take selfies.”

The listener received criticism from many people for not enjoying the moment, distracting the singer, and choosing to take pictures during a song that was about a divorce.

See the video and the details about the incident down below.

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