Justin Hawkins On Brandon Flowers Losing Interest In The New Killers Album

Deniz Kivilcim

On his latest YouTube video, The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins shared his thoughts on The Killers’ new song and Brandon Flowers’ words about the album.

The Killers recently released ‘Your Side Of Town,’ which was supposed to be released as a song from their next album until the frontman Flowers earlier revealed that he would not release the album. Flowers explained that the reason is the style of the album didn’t feel like the band’s music. He also clarified that the audience and the fans would not hear that kind of music from them again.

Hawkins expressed his thoughts on The Killers frontman’s statement. While listening to ‘Your Side Of Town,’ the frontman said:

“I really respect Brandon Flowers, and I love that they’ve done this unashamedly kind of 80s-sounding, or could almost be a Stock Aitken Waterman production, couldn’t it?”

He added:

“It’s properly New Order, Depeche Mode, late 80s.”

After the song ended, he shared his thoughts on the song:

“Okay, well. I mean, I don’t think it’s sort of the song that gets under my skin immediately but I just really think that the aesthetic is so well observed. It’s a really brilliant piece of mid 80s, mid to late 80s, synthesizer lead pop rock. It’s just really well done, I think.”

He then praised Flowers for his words about the album and mentioned understanding why he stopped making it:

“Big fan of The Killers, and I really appreciated Brandon’s words about a new phase of his sort of artistic career. And I can see why he lost enthusiasm for this project because they have moved on from this, really, and it does sound of its time. It does sound of that time.”

The Killers frontman told that making music that resembles the album ‘Pressure Machine’ makes him feel more fulfilled, and though he is as proud of ‘Hot Fuss,’ he is not 20 anymore and that he is ‘thinking about the next phase’ of his life.

See the video below.

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