Justin Hawkins Says He Didn’t Have A Plan B For The Darkness

Elifnaz Yuksel

Justin Hawkins had an interview with Planet Rock to talk about The Darkness’ debut album ‘Permission to Land’ on its 20th anniversary. When Hawkins was asked whether the band members thought of an alternative if the group didn’t work out, he said:

“The Darkness was always going to work out. Because even if it’s a pop band, that’s it, that’s okay. I think that’s what actually made it successful really. the fact that we were not going to compromise, even if we were just playing in the pubs for the rest of our lives, that’s what we were going to do.”

He continued by saying that their persistence reflected their authenticity, and that’s what people saw in The Darkness:

“That was always the plan from day one. We don’t listen to anybody else, we don’t play anything that’s cool, we just play the stuff we love. And that’s what comes across, it’s not something you can simulate, posture, and make people believe, and this is real. I think this is why it took off because people could feel the integrity of it.”

Regarding the 20th anniversary of ‘Permission to Land,’ Justin said:

“It’s a real milestone, we’re all shocked to still be alive, and witness this glorious day.”

Watch the full interview below.

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