Karlie Kloss’ 5 Travel Must-Have Items

Elif Ozden

Travel essentials can vary greatly from person to person, depending on lifestyle, destination, and personal preference. Karlie Kloss, a seasoned traveler who jets across the globe for photo shoots and fashion shows, showed she knows a thing or two about packing the perfect travel bag in a video on her Klossy YouTube channel. Here, we share Karlie’s top five must-have travel items, which offer a blend of function and fashion for every modern traveler.

A Designer Handbag


First on Kloss’ list is a designer handbag. For her, a chic carry-on is not only a stylish accessory but also a must-have:

“It’s mandatory that you travel with a chic bag.”

She chooses the olive Balenciaga Papier tote. According to Karlie, one can effortlessly elevate even a casual outfit with a gorgeous bag:

“You can wear a T-shirt and jeans and sneakers, but as long as you have a gorgeous bag, you’re golden.

Melatonin And A Kindle To Help With Jet Lag


Adjusting to new time zones can be a challenge, and Karlie’s strategy for tackling jet lag is a mix of science and entertainment. She relies on melatonin to help her fall asleep, and for those moments when sleep is elusive, she turns to her Kindle:

“I always get a little bit jet-lagged when I go to Europe, and between the two, [melatonin] helps me fall asleep, and [my Kindle] puts me to sleep.”

It’s a combination that provides both a natural sleep aid and a form of relaxation, ensuring that she arrives at her destination well-rested.



Every seasoned traveler knows the discomfort of feeling less than fresh after a long flight. Karlie has a simple solution to combat this: perfume. She remarks:

“There’s nothing worse than landing and smelling like you’ve been on an airplane for eight hours.”

By carrying her favorite fragrance, she aims to feel refreshed upon arrival.

All Your Jewelry


Securing valuables while on the move is a concern for many travelers. After losing a bag containing her jewelry, Karlie now wants to make sure that she always travels with them:

“Once, they lost my bag, and it had all my sentimental jewelry that, even if it wasn’t worth that much, meant the world to me. And it was devastating to lose that, so now I’ve learned my lesson and always travel with my jewelry either on me or in my handbag.

Sharing a hard-learned lesson that resonates with many who have experienced the heartbreak of lost valuables, she asserts:

“I do not let it out of my sight.”

Wet Wipes


The last item on Karlie’s list is a nod to practicality: wet wipes. A true traveler understands the realities of travel, including the fact that planes can be a bit grimy. Karlie sees wet wipes as an essential item for keeping it clean during travel:

Planes are really dirty, so I always bring wet wipes.”

Kloss’ travel essentials enhance her travel experience, maintain her well-being, and express her personal style. As we embark on our own journeys, whether to a neighboring city or across continents, incorporating these items could add a dash of supermodel sophistication to our travel routines.

You can watch Karlie’s video below.

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