Keith Richards’ Daughter Theodora Says She’s A Taylor Swift Super Fan Now

Deniz Kivilcim

Theodora Richards, daughter of The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards, recently took to Instagram to reveal she is now a Taylor Swift super fan. Richards shared a series of pictures and videos with her nephew and her niece’s girlfriend from a recent Taylor Swift show. The description of the post read:

“Was a whirlwind of wildest dreams and willow and now we missing it all too well. Feeling like I graduated Swiftie song school with a black belt in merch hunting because of my niece Ida Violet and my nephew’s lovely lovely girlfriend Bea Bosley. I am in awe of their devotion to this cat lady with the warrior songwriting skills and voice of an angel. They have birthed a new super fan. All hail Taylor Swift.”

In the post, she also wrote ‘Part 1,’ indicating there is more to come of the Swift posts.

Though it seems that the daughter of the rock icon admires Swift, her father holds a different opinion. The rocker earlier claimed that Swift’s fame is temporary by saying ‘she’s just a flavor of the month.’ More recently, Keith once again shared his thoughts on the pop singer and wished her luck ‘while it lasts.’

See the original post here and a few of the pictures below.

Credit: Theodora Richards – Instagram


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