Kenny Powers’ Confusing Last Scene In Eastbound And Down Finale Explained

Zehra Kabak

In November 2013, HBO presented the fourth and final season of ‘Eastbound And Down.’ The series’ last episodes showed Kenny Powers getting a kind of redemption by giving up on his dreams of a career on TV and sports for his family and friends.

Although executive Ronnie Thelman put it forward as a condition for him to continue ‘The Powers Hour,’ the character refused to humiliate Guy Young on the talk show. After a monologue, he left the scene to Young and went on to make up with his ex-wife, April.

The story went on to show the scenes in Santa Fe, depicting Powers living with his wife and children, who grew up to be Lindsay Lohan and Alex Skarsgaard. A little later, like Batman’s parents, April got shot in an alleyway as her husband became a drug addict.

After rehab, the plot followed Powers as he traveled to Africa and married an African princess, leading to the birth of more children. Scenes portrayed the aging character with a long white beard dying with both families by his side as the screen faded to black.

At that point, a plot twist revealed that the said part was a fantasy created by Powers as a part of the ending of his screenplay. Ending his writing, the final scenes showed the character leaving the room of his Santa Fe home with April.

These scenes aroused different interpretations from the viewers. Some claimed that it was a sign of Powers giving up on his desire for fame, while others pointed out that he changed his story to be more fantastic by excluding April.

Kenny hinted at a tendency to go back into his old version to seek success as a character who repeatedly struggled between family life and his dreams by changing his autobiography.

Still, a part of the audience claimed that the ending was the last time the baseball pitcher looked for something more fantastical in his life, as he touched his old ball and said he was ‘finished.’

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