Kylie Strickland’s Journey From TikTok To Prison

Elif Ozden

Once a sought-after influencer on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, Kylie Strickland is facing a transition from fame to disgrace. Strickland has now found herself behind bars following a controversial livestream incident.

Who is Kylie Strickland?


Strickland, a Georgia native, shot to fame on TikTok in 2019 where she amassed more than 280,000 followers by creating engaging and humorous content. Her TikTok persona, complete with lip-sync performances and lifestyle snapshots, won her 7 million likes.

She later expanded her reach to Instagram, where she garnered over 62,000 followers. Her audience expanded further when she launched a modeling page on OnlyFans and began selling merchandise through her now-defunct website,

Why Was Strickland Arrested?


However, Strickland’s rapid rise to online fame took a sharp turn in the summer of 2022. A live-stream video, posted on her TikTok account, showed her exposing herself to two underage boys at a swimming pool. The incident sparked immediate controversy online, eventually reaching the attention of law enforcement.

Upon learning of the video, Troup County Sheriff’s Office initiated an investigation. Discovering the video was recorded in Pike County, they forwarded the investigation to Pike County Sheriff’s Office. Their investigation led to the arrest of Strickland on June 30, 2022. She was charged with electronic pornography and child exploitation, a felony under Georgia law.

Strickland defended her actions in a subsequent video, arguing that it was not her duty to monitor what others’ children view online and claimed the boys had been exposed to more explicit content in their lives. Alleged text messages between Strickland and the boys’ father were later leaked online, suggesting that he was not upset by her actions.

Domestic Violence Incident and Public Reactions


The influencer’s arrest affected not only her online reputation but also her personal life. A prior relationship with a man named Cody Weems resulted in a highly-publicized domestic violence incident and miscarriage, leading to Weems’ arrest. After the livestream incident, Strickland lost custody of her four children.

The incident also caused a significant controversy online, with several mothers expressing their disgust at Kylie’s actions. Many celebrated her arrest and saw it as justice being served:

“Justice has been served. Kylie Strickland is getting what she deserves, and she’s been arrested. Thank you, Pike County Sheriff’s Department.”

Another mom wrote:

“Now, as a mother of a boy who is in the same age range, I would have done beat your a**.”

Following her arrest, Strickland’s social media accounts were either shut down or made private, effectively ending her social media career. Her bail terms prohibit her from using social media or having anyone post on her behalf. As of July 2023, it’s reported that Kylie is still awaiting her bond hearing.

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