Lajon Witherspoon Says Beyonce Had No Idea Who Sevendust Were

Bihter Sevinc

Lajon Witherspoon recently joined an interview with Metal Hammer to answer some fan questions, during which he revealed that Beyoncé had no familiarity with Sevendust.

When asked about his favorite moments from the nu-metal era by a fan on Facebook, the singer replied by saying:

“We went out with Limp Bizkit on the Ladies Night In Cambodia tour [in 1998]. They let the first 300 women in for free every night. Also, [American TV host] Matt Pinfield had this show years ago called ‘’ You’d perform on TV on this roundabout stage, and the first half of the show, one band would play, and the second half had another band. The day that we were there, it was Sevendust and Destiny’s Child! I got to meet Beyoncé!”

Witherspoon went on to describe what she was like, explaining:

“Incredible! Beautiful! The other girls were great too. They had no idea who we were. Maybe they said they did, but they were superstars already. Ha ha!”

In other news, the vocalist has been working on his upcoming solo album right now. A follow-up question from another fan wanted to learn how it sounds like, to which Lajon responded:

“Awesome! It’s more radio-friendly, with a lot of soul and R&B. There’s a bit of country in there too. I have a lot of songs and some label interest. Sevendust are really busy right now, but after we slow down, you’ll start hearing more about my solo stuff.”

As the musician stated, Sevendust is now busy with their new album, titled ‘Truth Killer,’ which is scheduled to hit the shelves on July 28. The band will support their forthcoming release with their tour with Alter Bridge in August and the following fall tour with Static-X.

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