Lana Del Rey Considers Joan Baez An Exemplary Figure In Rock History

Melisa Karakas

Lana Del Rey recently sat down with Joan Baez during a screening of the latter’s documentary, ‘I Am a Noise’ in Los Angeles. Throughout the interview, Del Rey seemed fond of the folk singer as she praised Baez by calling her the ‘toughest woman’ she knew and holding her career as ‘exemplary’ in rock history.

The ‘Dance ‘Till We Die’ singer said:

“The emotion you portray when you were 18 and now throughout the film is so relatable that it’s just been massively acclaimed already.”

She then added what caught her off guard about Baez’s film:

“Just because of how specific your emotions were and how much solace people found in the vulnerability that you had in the film, which to me was the most unexpected thing. And on top of that, the stunning cinematography, and the seamless editing, just to me made it a classic film.”

Del Rey then revealed what made her ‘fall in love’ with Joan:

“Especially, my favorite documentary since I was 18 was something, [was something] you drew footage from, D.A. Pennebaker’s ‘Dont Look Back,’ which is when I fell in love with you, Joan.”

She continued by opening up about the the folk icon’s life and the film:

“It’s an instant classic and I think when somebody famous — or well-known as we like to be called — makes the film that’s the greatest compliment you can have that it wouldn’t even have mattered if it was just someone who was working in everyday job that it was just absolutely striking.”

The singer finished by calling Joan ‘a blueprint’ and thanking her for being an exemplary figure:

“On behalf of all female, passionate, empathetic singers, may I say that then in that case, everyone here has witnessed a miracle miracle. And I’d like to thank Joan for being a blueprint in that way.”

Lana lastly added:

“It’s nice to see someone’s trajectory from nervousness to letting everything happen on life’s timeline. It was life’s timeline. You never know when you’re gonna get to that point if you get to that point. And I just want to say thank you.”

See the footage down below.

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